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We are pleased to feature a wide variety of homeopathic medicines that are referenced in Dr. Feder's book, Natural Baby and Childcare. Most of the medicines listed below are in a 30C strength which is suitable for both children and adults. To order a homeopathic medicine in a different strength or inquire about a medicine that isn't listed, please contact us. We'll find it for you!

The homeopathic medicines with the 30C designation are made by Boiron, in the familiar blue tube. They contain approximately 80 pellets.
In addition, the list contains several combination homeopathic medicines such as teething and colic tablets made by other homeopathic companies, such as Hyland's.

The Winter Tonic Influenzinum contains approximately 400 pellets.

Abrotanum 30C
Hydrocele in Boys
$ 14.95
Aconitum napellus 30C
"SOS" Crises & Sudden Illness
$ 9.95
Aethusa cynapium 30C
Spitting up Milk in Babies
$ 9.95
Allium cepa 30C
Watery Runny Nose from Allergies & Colds
$ 9.95
Apis mellifica 30C
Minor Bee Stings & Hives
$ 9.95
Argentum nitricum 30C
Apprehension, Stage Fright with Agitation
$ 9.95
Arnica montana 30C
Bumps & Bruises
$ 10.95
Bellis perennis 30C
Deep Tissue Trauma & Injury
$ 9.95
Borax 30C
Thrush & Canker Sores
$ 10.95
Brain Trauma Combo
Concussion Syndrome Treatment
$ 25.95
Bryonia alba 30C
Injuries:Worse Motion, Dry Cough
$ 9.95
Calcarea carbonica 30C
Constipation in Children
$ 9.95
Calcarea phosphorica 30C
Growing Pains & Teething
$ 9.95
Calendula Ointment, 1 oz. (Boiron)
First Aid for Chapped Skin, Scrapes, Cuts, Minor Burns
$ 10.95
Camilia Teething Relief 10 doses (Boiron)
For Painful Gums & Irritability
$ 18.95
Cantharis 30C
Burning with Urination & Mild Skin Burns
$ 9.95
Carbo vegetabilis 30C
Gas, bloating
$ 14.95
Causticum 30C
Pelvic Scarring from Surgery or Endometriosis
$ 13.95
Chamomilla 30C
Fussiness, Colic & Teething
$ 9.95
Cina 30C
Clingyness with Cough
$ 9.95
Cocculus indicus 30C
Motion Sickness
$ 9.95
Coffea Cruda 30C (80 pellets)
For sleeplessness and "racing thoughts".
$ 10.95
Colocynthis 30C
Abdominal Cramps & Colic
$ 9.95
Combo Pack for Endometriosis & Pelvic Scarring
2 Homeopathic Meds for Pain/Gas of Pelvis
$ 16.95
Combo Pack for Head Trauma
2 Homeopathic Meds to Protect Brain after Injury
$ 16.95
Combo Pack for Weight Loss
3 Homeopathics to increase metabolism
$ 34.95
Drosera 30C
Coughing Fits
$ 9.95
DTaP 30C
Used following DTaP Vaccine
$ 14.95
Dulcamara 30C
Cold and Cough, Worse from Damp, Cold Weather
$ 9.95
Euphrasia 30C
Eye Irritation
$ 9.95
Ferrum phosphoricum 30C
First Stages of Cold, Coughs, Fevers
$ 9.95
Gelsemium 30C
Flu Symptoms & Stage Fright
$ 9.95
Hepatitis A Nosode 30C
$ 12.95
Hib 30C
Used following Hib Meningitis Vaccine
$ 14.95
Histaminum Hydro. 30C
Hay Fever/ Allergy
$ 9.95
Hypericum perforatum 30C
Nerve Pain: Sharp, Shooting Pains
$ 9.95
Ignatia 30C
Grief & Hysteria
$ 9.95
Ignatia amara 30C
Grief & Hysteria
$ 9.95
Ipecacuanha 30C
Nausea & Vomiting
$ 10.95
Iris versicolor 30C
Migraine Headache
$ 10.95
Kali bichromicum 30C
Sinus Infections
$ 10.95
Kali carbonicum 30C
Strong Cough, Worse 2-4 am
$ 10.95
Kali phosphoricum 30C
Nervousness & Stress
$ 9.95
Ledum palustre 30C
Puncture Wounds
$ 9.95
Liver & Spleen Detox
LIver/Spleen Viral Detox
$ 25.95
Liver Detox Combo
Helps clear a sluggish liver
$ 25.95
Lycopodium clavatum 30C
Colic & Jaundice, Colds, Right-Side
$ 9.95
Magnesia phosphorica 30C
Menstrual Cramps & Colic
$ 9.95
Memory Recovery Combo
Helps memory & alertness
$ 25.95
Mercurius vivus 30C
Colds & Earaches
$ 9.95
Natrum muriaticum 30C
Allergy, Migraine & Menopause
$ 8.95
Nux vomica 30C
Overeating, Stuffy Colds & Stress
$ 9.95
Phosphoric acidum 30C
Grief and Sorrow
$ 9.95
Phosphorus 30C
Colds & Effects from Post-Operative Anesthesia
$ 9.95
Phytolacca 30C
Mastitis (Clogged Milk Ducts) & Sore Throat
$ 9.95
Podophyllum 30C
Painless Explosive Diarrhea, Gastroenteritis
$ 10.95
Pulsatilla 30C
Colds, Earaches & Chronic Styes
$ 15.95
Rhus toxicodendron 30C
Itchy Rash (Poison Ivy) & Joint Pain (Better with Motion)
$ 9.95
Ruta graveolens 30C
$ 9.95
Sabadilla 30C
Allergies with Sneezing
$ 9.95
Sambucas nigra 30C
Stuffy Nose and Congestion
$ 9.95
Sanguinaria 30C
$ 9.95
Sepia 30C
Postpartum Depression, PMS, Menopause
$ 10.95
Silica 30C
Blocked Tear Ducts & Constipation
$ 9.95
Spigelia 30C
$ 9.25
Spongia tosta 30C
Cough, Croup and Barking
$ 10.95
Staphysagria 30C
Healing of Surgical Wounds & Stitches
$ 9.95
Sulphur 30C
Diarrhea & Skin Conditions
$ 10.95
Thuja occidentalis 30C
After Vaccinations & Warts
$ 9.95
Veratrum album 30C
Vomiting & Diarrhea
$ 9.95
Winter Tonic Plus 2022-2023
$ 22.95
Wyethia 30C
Allergies with Itching Palate
$ 9.95
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