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by Lauren Feder, M.D.

Excerpt from Natural Baby and Childcare

I have seen many children who are taking a multitude of allergy medications. They arrive for a homeopathic consultation because the medications, which merely suppress the symptoms and do not treat the deeper underlying condition, are either not effective or parents are uneasy with their child taking so many medicines. Chronic conditions respond well to homeopathic and other natural treatments when treated by a practitioner. For simple allergy symptoms, look for the homeopathic remedy that best matches the symptoms. 

Allium cepa is indicated for a runny nose that "drips like a faucet," accompanied by sneezing, which gets worse in the late afternoon and is better outside. Likewise, the nose can also be stuffed. The discharge from the nose burns and irritates the skin, while the tearing from the eyes is mild and bland.

Euphrasia is for allergies which are more centered on the eyes. Euphrasia is good for eyes that itch, feel irritated, and burn with lots of tears.  In contrast to Allium cepa, there can be a mild discharge from the nose.  The child blinks frequently and may be sensitive to sunlight and wind. Euphrasia is also known as eyebright, and is a common ingredient in homeopathic eye drops useful for redness and irritation.

Natrum muriaticum is for allergies that begin with a watery runny nose and sneezing; the mucus will look like raw egg white. After three days, the nose becomes stopped, making it difficult to breathe.  There can be loss of smell and taste. The symptoms are worse at 10 a.m. and in the heat of the sun, but better outdoors. The child tends to be mature, well behaved, and does not like to be consoled.

Nux vomica is recommended for stuffy nose, occurring mostly at night and when outside. However, nose will be runny during the day and in warm rooms. Sneezing and runny nose worse can also be worse when waking up in the morning. The child is moody, impatient, and easily angered.

Sabadilla is indicated for continuous fits of sneezing with itching and tingling of the nose. Tearing of the eyes is also possible. Feeling of relief when outside and with warm drinks are common. Discharge from the nose is usually thin and irritating. 

Wyethia is for symptoms of extreme itching of the mouth (especially the palate), throat, nose, and ears, along with the desire to "scratch" the roof of your mouth with your tongue. The mouth feels dry, and the throat swollen with frequent clearing of the throat.


Briar Rose is for runny nose and congestion in children. European Hornbeam is for congestion in the sinus, nose, and lungs.


European Hornbean dramatically helped my patient who had been suffering from severe autumn allergies caused by the Chinese Elm trees that lined his street. He called to tell me, "This is miraculous; now I don't have to move."


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