Homeopathic Pre-labor Protocol for Easier Childbirth:
by Lauren Feder,MD

(Excerpt from Natural Pregnancy)

Some practitioners recommend a pre-labor regimen to be used in the last trimester to ease childbirth. In a French double-blind study, homeopathic medicine has been shown to shorten labor time and help prevent or minimize the possibility of a difficult birth if taken daily, beginning at the ninth month. This protocol is indicated for women who feel anxious about the birth or anticipate their doctor would want to induce by a certain date. For women who have already experienced an easy or rapid labor, this protocol is not needed.  Many of my patients have had great success using it and feel empowered by being able to participate in their healthcare.  Personally I waited, as I wanted to see what my body would do on its own. Lo and behold, my first child was born at nearly 42 weeks. The following list of homeopathic medicines are adapted from the protocol:

• Arnica 12C or 30C (e.g. Monday)
• Caulophyllum 12C or 30C (e.g. Wednesday)
• Cimicifuga 12C or 30C (e.g. Friday)
• Gelsemium 12C or 30C (e.g. Saturday): Add Gelsemium for feelings of great anticipation and anxiety.

References: See Natural Pregnancy