Homeopathic Medicine: Directions for Use:
by Lauren Feder, M.D.

Homeopathic Pellets or Tablets
  • Homeopathic medicines come as round, chewable pellets or as quick-dissolve tablets, depending on the brand you purchase. Both types are sweet and pleasant tasting, which makes it easy to administer to children. When possible, avoid touching the tablets with your fingers. Use a spoon.
  • Adults and Children: Take 3 tablets 3 times a day or as directed by your practitioner. In acute cases, take every hour until relieved, Doses are the same for all ages. If no improvement after 3 doses, discontinue the remedy.
Taking the Remedy
  • When possible, avoid touching the tablets with your fingers. Use a spoon.
  • Adults and older children are encouraged to let the tablets dissolve under the tongue. Younger children can let them dissolve in their mouths.
Small Children
  • If your child is too small to chew the medicine, place 3 pellets in 1/2 glass of water and let stand for 5 minutes. If you are using the hard pellets, they will not dissolve immediately, but the water will become medicated. Stir ten times, and give 1/4 teaspoonful (or dropperful)
Eating and Drinking
  • Avoid eating or drinking 10 minutes (if possible) before and after taking your homeopathic remedy. With a baby or small child this is not always possible. Not to worry.

Substances to Avoid

  • During the time period that you are taking a remedy, it is best to avoid coffee, chocolate, camphor, eucalyptus, mint and other strong smelling substances (mint toothpaste is okay).
Persistent or Worsening Symptoms
  • If symptoms persist more than three days or worsen, discontinue the medicine and consult your doctor.
  • If no improvement after 3 doses, stop taking the remedy.
Improving Symptoms
  • As your condition improves, take your homeopathic medicine less often (1-2 times a day).
  • When you are substantially better, discontinue the medicine.
Storing and Traveling
  • If you store your kit away from electrical appliances, strong smelling substances and extremes of temperature, the shelf life of the remedies is greatly extended.
  • If possible, have your medicines be hand-checked at the airport, instead of going through the x-ray machine.