Recommended Remedies Before and After the Shot:
by Lauren Feder, M.D.

Excerpt from Natural Baby and Childcare and Parents' Concise Guide to Childhood Vaccinations


Conventional Treatment

Typically, your doctor will recommend acetaminophen before and after the shot for prevention and relief of fever and fussiness. Because medications like acetaminophen suppress symptoms, however, they make it difficult to choose a proper remedy if there is any type of reaction. 


Home Treatment

In an attempt to use a more natural preventive approach, I prefer a different course of action..  Before any vaccination, I recommend administering the following vitamin and remedies seven days before and after the shot for general strengthening of the body.  They may help  reduce side effects following the vaccine if there would be any.  Remember, your child should not receive a vaccination if she is cranky or ill. In our office, we have excellent results with spacing out our vaccines, on a slower schedule. Contact your practitioner if any unusual symptoms occur following the shot. You can use this protocol in conjunction with the acetaminophen or any personal remedies that you give your child. On a daily basis for 7 days before and after the shot give your child the following:

  • Black Currant alternating days with Briar Rose (Gemmotherapy)
  • Vitamin C (less than 2 years of age: 100 mg two times daily – over 2 years old, 250 mg.two times a day)

Homeopathic Medicines

On the day of the shot,