Nintendo Wii Injuries and Arnica montana:
by Lauren Feder, M.D.

Dr. Feder was interviewed on KTLA 5, a local Los Angeles television station, regarding the injuries that can occur from playing the Wii, a popular video game. Although the interactive game is getting both children and adults off the couch to play such 'sports' as Wii tennis, bowling and boxing, many are experiencing injuries including 'Wii elbow.'

The first time my son played Wii at a friend's house, he hit his hand on the ceiling fan and badly bruised his fingers. Although it healed fine, we are more careful in our own home with our Wii set. Injuries can occur from hitting objects, colliding with another player, and repetitive stress traumas. Of course, the wrist strap should always be worn during use to avoid being hurled.

The treatment for these is injuries is to apply ice (especially if there is swelling), warmth for sore muscles, rest, and Arnica montana which can be used topically in the form of Arnicare gel and or taken by mouth with the pellets. If the injury is significant consult your health care practitioner.